Offensive odors stopped with WaStop in Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Basement flooding
Flow regulation

Location: Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Customer: Sewer District, Jizan

Problem: Odors emitted from an underground sewage receptor tunnel was creating an unpleasant environment.  The channel has 18 tanker filling points, which tankers discharge sewage into and without a check valve these inlets allow odors to escape.  

Solution:  A new tanker discharge systems was built incorporating WaStop valves to mitigate the spreading of odors from the receptor.  The tanker discharge connections comprise a Bauer coupling (which allows the tanker to connect to) and a WaStop valve which allows flow in the normal direction, but prevents odor emission from the channel to atmosphere.  38 WaStop valves were installed quickly and successfully.

Partner: CSO England

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