“I truly do believe WaStop are exceptional devices that have a valid place on the global stage in helping combat rising sea levels or flood levels, while providing a real level of comfort around performance over investment.”
Wellington Water Wapro WaStop
Desmond Scrimgeour
Senior Principal Engineer: Operations

Specialist in flood prevention since 1986

Wapro provides peace of mind through our products, WaStop Inline Check Valves, WaBack non-return Chamber and WaReg Flow Regulators. Tidal flooding and dry weather flooding can be mitigated using WaStop check valves, and basement flooding eliminated with WaBack check valve chamber. WaReg ensures a constant flow into stormwater or sewer systems. Climate change, increased rainfall, seasonal snow melt and storms can cause flooding. Wapro products can solve these problems with our solutions.

Our strengths are:

  • Technical know-how
  • Experience
  • Own production
  • Swedish quality
  • Engineering team
  • 24 hour turn-around for technical support
  • Dedicated sales team available for site visits
  • Worldwide experience in flood prevention
  • Fast deliveries on standard items for pipes from 3” (75mm)) to 72" (1800mm)
  • Inventory in USA, Sweden, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

We’re the go-to non-return valve solution for many Cities worldwide and export WaStop check valves, WaBack non-return chambers and WaReg flow regulation devices to 26 countries to prevent flooding from stormwater and sewer networks and odor from sewer lines.

Through innovative solutions, Wapro’s product portfolio has prevented thousands of floods throughout the years. All with an ambition to keep people and properties safe and sound.

Holding back the flood.

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