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Basement flooding
Odor control
Protection from Animal Infestation

We all have felt that feeling of unrest during a storm. The worry of the potential for sewer water to flow into your home. On your floors, around the furniture, destroying memories. We know that this causes distress. It causes sleepless nights. We at Wapro want to give you peace of mind. We want you to rest at ease. Through the innovation of WaStop Inline Check Valve, we at Wapro have protected thousands of homes worldwide.

  • Protection from sewer backflow
  • Designed for residential applications
  • Insensitive to toilet paper and other solids
Wastop 110 PVC

We at Wapro know that any solution for flood prevention, or odor control needs to function. Simply, effectively. That’s why, when we invented the WaStop inline check valve in 2000 we had one thought in mind. Instant automatic protection. Working on differential pressure the WaStop functions autonomously, without human interaction, without electricity, without constant maintainence. It just works. To invent the best inline check valve on the market our engineers went one step further.

The PVC Series was designed to enable retro-fitting with ease. We identified the most common pipe sizes for residential type installations to be 3-8". We then designed a WaStop range to be installed inline on existing lines. To make protecting homes even easier we made this a standard range. Off the shelf and available for fast delivery. Our distribution network around the world maintains inventory to ensure that homes can be protected quickly and easily.

WaStop Residential Series installs quickly with just flexible couplings and a screw driver. Simple and effective. Long life-cycle is part of our DNA. It’s part of our values. With this in mind we use the right materials for the right application. We’ve chosen PVC to mate with already existing sewer pipes and a membrane material suited to the application. WaStop PVC Series is available for a wide range of applications including odor (H2S), pump applications, high levels of chemicals, stormwater and sewer applications. Each of these applications have their unique challenges which we have taken onboard in our thought process during development of the Memory Membrane.

The properties of the Memory Membrane:

  • Low opening pressure
  • Extremely low headloss
  • High resistance to external factors (temperature, chemicals, debris, abrasives)
  • Best possible seal against backflow in both high and low pressure events
  • Exceptional mechanical memory ensuring longevity
  • In-built, automatic, pulsating flow action

We at Wapro know that there is a wide range of pipes available on the market, and that these pipes aren’t always perfect. To ensure the valve we provide you with fits perfectly and protects 100% we’re engineered the guess work out of it. For the residential market we have designed a range of valves for protecting memories. Protecting basements filled with photographs, toys, electronics or books can be easily done with a WaStop Residential Inline Check Valve. Dimensions ranging from 3" up to 8" ensures each and every home that is susceptible to flooding damage can be easily and effectively protected.

For your ease we have included technical specifications, actual (not estimated) headloss graph, actual opening and closing pressures, product specific drawings, and specification information below,


Article number Nominal pipe size NPS [inch] Length [inch] Outer Diameter [inch] Opening pressure Standard [inH2O] Closing pressure Standard [inH2O] Shop Drawing (PDF) Shop Drawing (DWG) Technical Specification
WS75PVC 3 4,92 2,95 7,4 2,8 PDF PDF pdf
WS110PVC 4 8,27 4,33 7,7 2,5 PDF PDF pdf
WS125PVC 5 9,45 4,92 7,6 3,1 PDF PDF pdf
WS160PVC 6 12,2 6,3 8,5 3,3 PDF PDF pdf
WS200PVC 8 15,75 7,87 7,7 4,3 PDF PDF pdf

WaStop inline check valves have been an industry leader since their inception in 2000. Developed on the same principles that are the foundation of Wapro, WaStop’s ingenious function combines common sense and simplicity, to provide our customers with the best possible protection against flooding, odor control and backflow. Keeping common sense and simplicity as keywords throughout development, Wapro is able to provide a solution which can be installed in minutes with very little equipment.

Wapro’s focus on simple innovative solutions has led to the development of our unique Memory Membrane. Designed with the user in mind, this membrane ensures longevity. We at Wapro understand that sometimes life gets in the way of best laid plans. In tune with our customers’ needs, WaStop’s pulsating flow ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum. We also know that real life means our valves are put to the test daily with unintended events – toys down the toilet, an overambitious 2 year olds use of toilet paper, raw rice flushed accidentally down the kitchen sink, a bottle with unknown contents emptied into the drain. Our engineers work constantly with real life testing of existing and new materials to ensure our valves withstand real life environments.

We at Wapro believe in enabling. By being an open organization we learn from, and share with, our customers. Below you’ll find that there is a wealth of information in relation to not only our products, but also other useful and interesting information to help you in your role. If you require any further information please don't hesitate call us. We’re here to help you stop flooding.

Technical Documentation

Technical drawings and specifications can be downloaded for each dimension under the tab for Dimensions and Technical Drawings.  Below you'll find information relating to WaStop such as installation instructions and white Papers.  Please contact us if you require any other information.

Certifications and Approvals

A vital part of building the trust with our customers is to be able to provide third party test results and share certifications and approvals.

WaStop has the following:

  • CE Approval SS-EN-13564
  • Third party headloss testing at Utah State University Hydraulics Lab
  • Rat Tested at Dansk Teknologisk Institut

With the consumer in mind we have designed the PVC valve to be easily installed with the minimal requirement for tools. Our engineers focused on ease and number of individual actions required which lead to a framework constrain of three basic tools. A tape measure, a saw and a screwdriver. By simply measuring the area to be removed, then cutting the pipe, placing flexible couplings in place and sliding the WaStop into position, peace of mind can be achieved in minutes. Once in place the WaStop Inline Check Valve protects. Quietly and simply.

Approvals to be added

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