WaBack Residential

WaBack Residential

Basement flooding

You may not have experienced it yourself, but we’re pretty sure you’d understand the feeling. We have all read about homes being damaged by sewage backflow. We can imagine the distress the family goes through. We can even imagine the smell although we don’t want to. To protect families from living through this nightmare we’ve developed a product called WaBack Residential.

  • 100% protection
  • Completely open flow area
  • Easy inspection
WaBack Residential

WaBack Residential is an automatic backflow preventer for sewage and storm water.  WaBack Residential is installed in basements or homes in low lying areas where sewer pipes risk backing up causing sewer flooding inside the home.  Both the inlet and outlet are constructed for installation with sleeve or flex couplings.  WaBack Residential is installed inline in the existing pipe and provides a secure protection against basement flooding.

By having the flow area completely open during normal operation the WaBack Residential effectively removes the risk of blockages and minimizes maintenance.  When our designers at Wapro looked at the function of the WaBack they focused on simplicity.  Having a valve that functions year after year and that gives peace of mind was the goal. 


During normal operation the flotation pipe rests again the bottom of the chamber and ensures that the pipe is completely open for flow in the right direction.  When water begins to backflow the flotation pipe rises and seals against the sealing plate to stop water entering the building.

WaBack Residential backflow preventer in normal operating position. It works as an ordinary chamber. The waste water flows freely through the valve without restriction thereby eliminating blockages.

Water enters the manhole from the outlet.  The flotation pipe is kept above water level.  Rising water is prevented from flowing back into the pipe system.

The water level has risen and the valve is completely filled. The mouth of the pipe is pressed against the sealing disk. The water level can rise above the pipe without any risk of backflow into the system. The pipe returns to its original position when the water level in the valve drops.

We at Wapro love protecting people and property from flooding and in line with our customer promise of common sense and simplicity, we have developed WaBack Residential to ensure our products fit real life applications. 



Article number Nominal size DN [inch] Riser [inch] Shop Drawing (PDF) Shop Drawing (DWG) Technical Specification
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WaBack Residential is an innovation based on the original WaBack non-return valve which we developed in 1988. The function is the same as the original WaBack but the design has been adjusted to enable it to be installed directly into the basement floor. An option appreciated by many home owners. WaBack Residential is the safest backwater stop on the market thanks to its reliable function and compact design. It’s used in basements just after the last connection point before the sewer pipe leaves the home. With a quick an easy installation method you’ll have your home protected instantly. It’s an insurance and peace of mind. All designed for keeping you and your home safe and dry.

We at Wapro believe in enabling. By being an open organization we learn from, and share with, our customers. Below you’ll find that there is a wealth of information in relation to not only our products, but also other useful and interesting information to help you in your role. If you require any further information please don't hesitate call us. We’re here to help you stop flooding.

Technical Documentation

Technical drawings can be downloaded from the Dimensions and Technical Drawings tab. For your ease, you'll find other related information available for download below.

Certifications and Approvals

WaBack Residential is CE approved according to regulations for building products. WaBack is for use as a non-return valve of Type 1 for back flow in sewage and drainage systems. SS-EN-13564-1:2002.

We at Wapro know that solutions for flood protection need to function simply and effectively. With the WaBack Residential you can be assured that we focus on commonsense and simplicity. In normal operation, the entire pipe through the WaBack Residential is open for flow. As soon as backflow occurs the flotation pipe rises stopping backflow from entering the home. The flotation pipe seals against the sealing plate to ensure absolutely no water can force its way into the home. When the backpressure decrease and its safe for the valve to open, it opens automatically allowing normal flow again. Fully automatically, with no external power source required. The WaBack Residential unit is developed for installation in a basement. It can be installed into an existing pipeline with flexible couplings or sleeves. The chamber is to be placed so that the upper edge of the inlet pipe is at least 8" lower than the basement floor.


The only maintenance required for the WaBack Residential is to check twice per year. No electricity or human interaction is required to protect your home. With minimal inspection WaBack Residential protects against flooding and provides peace of mind.

A rigorous testing procedure is undertaken at Wapro to ensure our valves meet our exacting standards. Our valves tested to appropriate standards in our target markets at third party organization Kiwa Sverige AB on an annual basis.

CE-approved models type 1 (NPS 3-8") are tested according to SS-EN 13564-2:2002.
WaBack Residential also meets the requirements according SS-EN 13564-1:2002 and quality assurance according SS-EN 13564-3:2004.


Article number Nominal size DN [inch] Riser [inch] Shop Drawing (PDF) Shop Drawing (DWG) Technical Specification
wb-mini PDF PDF pdf

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