Movie - A can of soda through a WaStop?

What if a can of soda is flushed into the stormwater system where a WaStop DN1200 (NPS 48”) is installed, does it get stuck?
This is a completely relevant question recently asked by one of our customers in Australia.

Two assemblers from our production team, Noi and Otto, rolled out a WaStop DN1200 (NPS 48”) outside the Wapro production facility in Sweden to find out.

The film provides a clear answer to the question.

WaStop exhibits a pulsating flow thanks to the build-up of pressure prior to the valve opening.  The WaStop is effectively self-cleansed of dirt and other debris. In addition, sand, dirt, debris, etc. that may have accumulated on the outlet side of the valve will get washed away, and blockages are effectively prevented.

In this case, we only tested one cycle (opening / closing) and all the items put behind the WaStop, were flushed through.

The following articles were flushed through:

1 - lid to jar
1 - running shoe Size 11
5 - ink pens
1 - 0.5 liter plastic bottle
3 – 330ml soda cans
1 - sock
1 - towel

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