Pumping station protected against tidal waters with Wastop in Scotland

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Location:  Dundee, Scotland

Customer:  Scottish Water

Problem:  Tidal waters from the River Tay often threatened to inundated the the pumping station at an outfall in Dundee.  With tidal water putting pressure on a penstock something needed to be done quickly.  United Utilities who service the Scottish Water pumping station approached ACE Ltd for a solution.

Solution:  In early 2010 two NPS 48" Wastop non-return valves were fitted at KGV pumping station outfall. The Wastop non-return valves were ideal for this application, they could easily be installed in the existing pipes and were constructed from 316 stainless steel therefore ideal for marine use. The Wastop's were installed by USL diving contractors of Great Yarmouth and were floated in using buoyancy bags so there was no need for scaffolding or de-watering the surrounding area. The valves were installed in two days and were instantly operational.

Partner:  Aquatic Control Engineering



 “We have already noticed a drop in pumping station sump levels due to the valves operating capabilities in not allowing the tidal River Tay to ingress into the pumping station.  As the sump levels are lower than normal this allows the station pumps to operate on level controls thus saving on electrical power. This saving is an added bonus as the valves were initially installed to allow UUOS safe operation of the emergency bypass valve located at the pumping station.
Stuart Rice
United Utilities Operational Services

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