No more unpleasant surprises to the family house in Sjöbo.

Odor control

Location: Sjöbo, Sweden

Customer: City of Sjöbo, work performed by Wapro AB

Problem: Sewer odors are unpleasant, especially when its In the family home. This situation occurred regularly each time one of the municipal sewage pump stations started. A strong sulfur smell wafted into the plunger line. The unpleasant odor found its way into the service line and further up the system into a family home. Each time the pump started the odor was emmited into the home.  

Solution: Peter Olsson from Wapro, installed a WaStop in an existing chamber between the home and sewer line. 
WaStop is completely sealed against odor and backflow from liquids and gases. 

The odor issue is completely resolved with the WaStop keeping the odor downstream of the valve eliminating odor in the home. 

The family living in the home is satisfied and the City of Sjöbo has solved the problem.

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