Flood protection with WaStop at Gores Brook & Beam River, England

High Water Levels
Pump stations
Tidal Water

Location:  Beam River and Gores Brook

Customer:  The Environment Agency

Problem:  The Thames Gateway is a Central Government priority area for regeneration and growth, and stretches along the River Thames from the City of London eastwards through Thurrock and Bexley and on to Southend in Essex and Sheerness in Kent. Over the next 20 years, 120,000 new homes will be built and 180,000 new jobs will be created. The Environment Agency have constructed two large pumping stations and refurbished a tidal sluice as part of ongoing works to improve flood alleviation in the local area.  These pumping stations provide a significant level of flood protection to large areas of Barking and Dagenham.  Without any form of check valve these pumping stations would be vunerable to damage caused by backflow into the pumps from high tides or flood conditions.

Solution:  Wapro's partner in the UK, Aquatic Control Engineering (ACE) consulted closely with Halcrow and the Environment Agency to provide an alternative solution to the original specification for these pumping stations.  The original concept outlined a stainless steel flap valve solution, requiring maintenance and lifting equipment for inspections and repairs.  The supply and design of six WaStop inline non-return valves were provided following their consultation, offered lower maintenance, in-pipe protection for the membrane and importantly, a greater ease of installation.  The simplicity of installation incorporated into the design allowed for Interserve to construct the project without the need for an Installation and Project management team to be present.

Three NPS 56" WaStops were placed in the Beam River pumping station and were the largest WaStops to have been made at the time of project.  Three NPS 40" WaStops were installed at Gores Brook.

ACE would like to thank, Halcrow, Interserve and the Environment Agency for this opportunity and for their professional scheme management throughout.

Partner:  Aquatic Control Engineering

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