Drainage system improvements in Jebel Ali, Dubai

Surface water flooding

Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai

Customer: Roads and Transport Authority and Dubai Municipality

Problem: The Road and Transport Authority in Dubai, together with Dubai Municipality were undertaking a road improvement project to prevent flooding on the roads and avoid blockages in the system during rainfall events.  As part of the project a manhole had been identified as the appropriate place to have a check valve to prevent the flooding.  Space was limited in the manhole and any valve had to be installed into the inlet in the manhole to avoid difficulty removing sand from the lower pipes during routine maintenance. 

Solution: A NPS 30" WaStop was inserted into the incoming pipe in the manhole and was completely contained within the pipe ensuring the manhole was accessible.  The WaStop check valve, with its pulsating flow, ensured that the pipe was kept clean, and that together with its long service life, met the customers desire to minimize maintenance and service operations.

Partner:  MENA Engineering Equipment LLC

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